Techshot provides earth and space-based professional laboratory equipment solutions supporting:

Cell Research (including stem cells)

Macromolecular Crystal Growth

Bone Densitometry

Rodent Research

Colloids Research

Solutions for Colloids Research

Avian Research (including embryology)

C. elegans Research

Plant Research

Drosophila Research

Other life and materials science research and/or processing needs

The images and descriptions of our equipment featured on this website are not intended to represent a finite take-it-or-leave-it catalog of available devices. 

Because research goals and science requirements vary from investigator to investigator, custom modifications to Techshot equipment and/or operational protocols are frequently made.  And when modifications aren’t enough, we can develop custom new devices and systems from the ground up that better meet your needs.

Techshot has a long history of developing the picks and shovels that research professionals use to make new discoveries. Just tell us what you’d like to do and we’ll help you make it happen.